What Users Say

Teachers, educators

Customer Says

Andrew Duca: I’d love to use this for school and feel like it could be really useful for my music classes and my a cappella group! Hope I win!!!


James Klassen: I love this. I tried airserver with a win7 PC but I wasn’t crazy about the sound. I’d love this app on my Mac at home so I could record lessons to use with my PC-only classroom the next day. I also am thinking about connecting my older Mac min to my HDTV via HDMI and using x-mirage to stream my iPad … Betcha it would look great!


Stargazermatt: Seems like a potentially useful tool with educators and when working with my sons on their math practice.


Customer Says

Patrick: This would be great for app design or showcasing…good product.


J. R.: I love being able to record easily. As designer this is very important for communicating with developers/clients.

iOS tutorial makers

Customer Says

Ari Arsyadi: This app will absolutely helpful for me building iOS apps tutorials. Been doing tutorials all this year, this will surely boost my workflow.


mitulica: The recording feature of X-Mirage looks like a winner. Great for making iOS tutorials.

iOS game enthusiasts

Customer Says

bshakil: Now i can record and upload my game videos. specially walkthroughs.


Russell-Inn: This sounds like a very useful app but I think my son will be the most excited so he can record some of his game play.


Owen Andrews: Somebody needs to teach Matthew how to play Tiny Wings.


Customer Says

Nuri Ka: I’m amateurishly getting into IOS programming and could use the painless recording when asking experienced coder buddies for help.


CC: This would be a good way to show off apps that developers are building.

Use X-Mirage for work and entertainment

Customer Says

Justin Krieger: X-Mirage looks awesome! I could totally use this at work to show off some presentations. And at home, I would love to be able to bring iOS things up on my Mac desktop and even better, and using it to record my phone would be great for tutorials for my blog!

Company employees

Customer Says

Ticino: Would be a great way of creating engaging tutorials for our company as well as spicing up presentations.


Customer Says

Alex Tourangeau: Sounds like a great training tool!